Zecc Summer News

Over the last brief period Zecc has worked intensively with his partners and clients to complete several projects too be proud of. But Zecc also has been selected for several new design challenges. Challenges which demands Zecc to be critical and surprising in order to generate new and creative, sustainable solutions. “You and I, together we relate. Highly critical to surprise and be proud”.


Refurbishment office space Vereniging Eigen Huis Amersfoort
VEH has a new home. Not a newly build home, but an internal transformation of their existing offices. Zecc created a new, spacious pathway through two buildings, existing of staircases, voids, see troughs and a subtle bridge to connect the buildings. Clever interventions in the existing structure are combined with a new refreshing interior. Along the new pathway, open office/work spaces show the identity of VEH: collaboration, transparency, connecting and accessible for everyone. Click here for more information about this project. Presskit available.


Studenten Housing Utrecht
A formal office building from the 1960s in the city centre of Utrecht has been successfully transformed to student housing. The building is part of the Utrechtsch Studenten Corps (USC) and offers student housing to 25 students. The typology of this typical modernist building was respected, by creating an entirely new facade made out of vertical brick slats, which anchors the building within its historical context. Click here for more information about this project. Presskit available.



Old Cinema transformed into brewery, restaurant & food hall MOUT
Zecc has made a beautiful plan for what’s called the ugliest building in the center of Hilversum, The formal Eurobioscoop. Underneath a skin of old plywood and sheets of metal, sleeps a formal art-nouveau beauty. The original façade will be revealed and restored. The existing monumental shell roof, which is spectacular will be fully restored and visible in the new plan. Inside a surprising cocktail with a brewery, restaurant and food hall with seven international kitchens. In contrast with the monumental elements a contemporary facade and extension will connect the square to the interior of the building and will bring new life into the central square of Hilversum. Click here for more information about this project. Presskit available.


Tower appartments and housing 'De Koningin' Zwolle


School De Toermalijn Emmen


New workspace Zecc
In march we inaugurated our new studio in the Werkspoor Cathedral with a party. In our new studio Zecc’s key activities come together magnificently: transformation of industrial heritage, activating  new constructions and a refreshing interior. In our new studio we are highly motivated to develop our vision and create beautiful buildings. “You and I, together we relate. Highly critical to surprise and be proud”.


Werkspoorkathedraal_MONK Architecten_transformatie_01

Recreation house 'The Movie'
Enjoy and relax.......

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