Grounded Architecture

‘You and I, together we relate.
Highly critical to surprise and be proud.’

The strength of a tree equals the depth of its roots. Our architecture is the same. Zecc works from three ground principles: what we build is functional, sustainable and engages all senses at the same time. Uniting these three principles often seems an impossible assignment. However, this is the core of Zecc's strength. We call it Grounded Architecture. Architecture with a strong foundation. With deep roots. Since these bring forth the most wonderful ideas.

'The deeper the roots, the higher the vision.'


Partners Zecc

Bart Kellerhuis – creative director
Bart Kellerhuis (1978). He studied Architectural Engineering at the Arnhem University of Applied Science and he studied a Master in architecture at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, The Netherlands. 

From 2004 - 2007 he worked at Rappange & Partners Architects Amsterdam. Bart is working from 2008 at Zecc Architects. He is leading Zecc Architects together with his partner Marnix van der Meer.

Bart has taught and lectured at various schools an university’s in The Netherlands. Bart gives lectures in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Marnix van der Meer – general director
Marnix van der Meer (1972). He studied a Master in architecture at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

From 1996 - 2002 he worked at Meyer & Van Schooten Architects. In 2003 he and Rolf Bruggink started Zecc Architects in Utrecht. He is leading Zecc Architects together with his partner Bart Kellerhuis.

Marnix was also Guest lecturer at various schools and his works are published in several magazines and books. Marnix was active committee of the aesthetics in ’s-Hertogenbosch between 2010 – 2016.




  • 1Zecc-Marnix.jpg Zecc-Marnix.jpg

    Marnix van der Meer

  • Zecc-Bart.jpg Zecc_Bart.jpg

    Bart Kellerhuis

  • 1Zecc-Christa.jpg Zecc-Christa.jpg

    Christa Zonnenberg

  • 1Zecc-Koen.jpg Zecc-Koen.jpg

    Koen Pörtzgen

  • 1Zecc-Mario.jpg Zecc-Mario.jpg

    Mario van Kooij
    ASSOCIATE – Project manager, Architect

  • 1Zecc-Roy.jpg Zecc-Roy.jpg

    Roy van Maarseveen

  • 1Zecc-Jordi.jpg Zecc-Jordi.jpg

    Jordi Rondeel
    Assistant & technical design, BIM modeler

  • 1Zecc-Rene.jpg Zecc-Rene.jpg

    René de Korte
    Project Manager, technical design, BIM modeler

  • 1Zecc-BartJonkers.jpg Zecc-BartJonkers.jpg

    Bart Jonkers
    Assistant & technical design

  • Zecc-Marjo.jpg Zecc_Marjo.jpg

    Marjo Langbroek
    Architect, interior & technical design

  • 1Zecc-Jos.jpg Zecc-Jos.jpg

    Jos van der Linde
    Architect, technical design

  • 1Zecc-Mees.jpg Zecc-Mees.jpg

    Mees Dijkman
    Assistant & technical design

  • 1Zecc-Jeroen.jpg Zecc-Jeroen.jpg

    Jeroen den Hertog
    Interior architect

  • 1Zecc-Niels.jpg Zecc-Niels.jpg

    Niels Hartsuiker
    Technical design, BIM modeler

  • Zecc-Ruben.jpg 1Zecc-Ruben.jpg

    Ruben Kaipatty
    Architect, technical design

  • 1Zecc-Mark.jpg Zecc-Mark.jpg

    Mark Gijsbers

  • Zecc-Laura.jpg 1Zecc-Laura.jpg

    Laura Barendregt

  • Zecc-Willem.jpg 1Zecc-Willem.jpg

    Willem van de Vorle
    Assistant & technical design

  • 1Zecc-Thijs.jpg Zecc-Thijs.jpg

    Thijs Huisink
    Architect, technical design

  • Zecc-Gianni.jpg 2Zecc-Gianni.jpg

    Gianni Nieland
    Technical design, BIM modeler

  • Zecc-Mike.jpg 1Zecc-Mike.jpg

    Mike Luijrink
    Technical Design

  • Zecc-Hasan.jpg 1Zecc-Hasan.jpg

    Hasan Haj Assad

  • Zecc-Valerie.jpg 1Zecc-Valerie.jpg

    Valerie Kienhuis


Vacatures & stages

Job vacancies & internships

jobs at Zecc

At the moment there are no job vacancies at Zecc and internships have already been filled. Do you want to bring your portfolio to our attention? Please send your open application to the attention of Christa Zonnenberg to jobs@zecc.nl 


internship at Zecc

For the upcoming internship period that starts in September 2023, the internships have been filled. 



Zecc serves a range of professional clients: Corporations, small business owners, developers, organizations for social housing and the government. Since Zecc is also working for private clients, a personal approach of the project is characteristic for our firm. We listen to you and translate your questions in a grounded vision on the task. Within this core principle we distinct three important topics: program, construction technique and aesthetics. We aim to create an integral design through a dialogue with you or a construction team, while honoring the boundary conditions of the assignment.

Through attentive, direct communication and our expertise grows a highly developed end result. All employees of Zecc have an educational background in building technique before starting their architectural education. Therefore they pay attention to the vigouring building regulations and the financial framework from the early sketches. We focus on different scale levels. Whenever possible we handle the projects from the first urban planning design to the full definition that is necessary for a solid building process and long-term use.




The five principles of Zecc

People are the users of our buildings and therefore have a central position in the design process. The unique question of each client is the point of reference in the project. Zecc collaborates with end users to co-create functional and beautiful buildings.

 is an extensive concept to us: On top of ecological implications, we also include flexibility in use, sustainability of the basic construction, esthetical life-expectation and potential for future re-development.

Function and technique are included in one clear architectural expression.Technical aspects are being integrated or hidden to enhance this expression.

Details and use of materials are a key concept in the refining of our designs. We explore applications of new (and old) materials, and we take care of refined details within the vigour of mandatory regulations and quality norms.

High performance installations support the design and provide a balance between comfort and energy- efficiency. The use of renewable energy sources is being researched as a part of our projects.




An informal way to exchange ideas and inspire each other.

Zecc Architects frequently organizes 'beeldborrels' on a Friday night. We invite a couple of colleagues or other people from the branch to debate about architecture with supporting images. The goal is to inspire each other, share fascinations, exchange thoughts or show travel experiences.

Ideas for an 'beeldborrel' or do you want to be on the invitationlist?
Send an email to: info@zecc.nl

Click here for an overview of previous 'beeldborrels'.